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In this category you will find collections of vials in kit forms. These are sent to you in plastic bags and you can buy suitable containers separately.
Cytokine Test Kit 1 Cytokine Test Kit 1
ID 84871795 ibreakstock | Dreamstime.comCytokines are molecules that influence the immune system, controlling and producing inflammation. They are essential f...
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SIBO Test Kit SIBO Test Kit
ID 121774474 Vitaly Iskakov | Dreamstime.com
There are a number of organisms that live in the gut. These can get out of balance causing the symptoms of sma...
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Lyme Disease and Associated Co-Infections Test Kit Lyme Disease and Associated Co-Infections Test Kit
ID 130412443 Artur Szczybylo | Dreamstime.com
This test kit contains 61 vials comprising of species commonly causing Lyme disease, Cat Scratch Disease and ...
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Food Starter Pack Food Starter Pack
Not for home use, laboratory testing or school projects.Suitable for practitioners with muscle response testing skills, kinesiologists, dowsers, EAV or Vega (or...
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Infections Starter Kit Infections Starter Kit
This is a great starter kit containing the signatures of viruses, bacteria and other organisms, such as fungi, that can be problematic in infections.
It cons...
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Candida Test Kit Candida Test Kit
ID 139387923 Mohamad Faizal Ramli | Dreamstime.com
These test kits are not for home use.Comprising of 13 types of candida. Candida albicans is the most com...
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Cytokine and Immune Test Kit 2 Cytokine and Immune Test Kit 2
This test kit comprises of 13 test vials including NFkappa Beta p50 and NFkappa Beta p65. These specialist test vials are a useful addition to Cytokine and Immu...
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